When cancer strikes, life changes. You have to learn to live with a “new normal”… cancer’s new normal.

People ask me all the time, "Do you ever feel like all of this is just not fair?". Mostly... no. I feel "changed", but not for the worse. I now appreciate every little thing once overlooked in my busy day to day life. More importantly, I feel that I've been dealt an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. I hope to give them hope. I hope to help inspire them to fight, to teach them how important science and research are, and let them know that good things can come from the bad. When you face a cancer diagnosis, it's important to laugh and look for the positive. You will hear, read, and see plenty of negatives. But, if you learn to change your outlook... see things through "cancer's new normal"... you just might find, that you've got a lot of great little moments to enjoy.

Niki’s Story

Hi! I’m Niki. I worked many years in radio as a morning dj. Along with regular fits of laughter, what I loved most about the job was the opportunity to meet so many people, and hopefully, impact lives in a positive way. As

Niki News Update…

December 27, 2018 BODY: (Sept 26) “Stable pleural redundancy of the right lung base. No suspicious nodules or lymphadenopathy. Stable 1.7 cm pancreatic cyst. No significant new finding compared to prior imaging of 5-29-18″ Everything is a lovely shade of

Helpful Links

Whether you are seeking a place to learn more about your melanoma diagnosis, a place to find a comforting chat forum, or the latest in immunotherapy or medical news… below are a few sites where you can find helpful information and

There is a lot of interesting research going on with melanoma (and cancer in general) these days!

Some useful... and some is just "interesting"

What's up in Research?