A cancer diagnosis is incredibly stressful for patients and caregivers alike. You know what stress is horrible for? Your immune system. You know what makes cancer treatments more difficult? A weakened immune system. As patients we want to remain as healthy and happy (yes, you have permission to be HAPPY sometimes) as we possibly can. As caregivers, you need to take care of yourselves in order to take on the extra load of helping your loved one get through the physical mess.

What can you do to be the healthiest you?

MOVEMENT. Does this mean you need to be training for a marathon? No, but you should do your very best to get out of bed or off the couch. Take a walk. Do some beginner yoga. Dance… even if it’s just around your kitchen or living room! As always, speak to your doctor FIRST about what you have in mind. For a list of benefits and some guidelines, take a peek at what the American Cancer Society has to say about the subject. — CLICK HERE

CUT BACK ON ALCOHOL. I know… I know. This one makes me a very unpopular person, but you should consider removing the booze from your diet. Am I saying you can’t have a beer or a glass of wine for special occasions? No. Just try to have a “purpose” for your sipping. And NO… “I’m stressed” is not a reason/purpose, and will actually make things worse. Of course you’re stressed, you have cancer. Speak to your doctor about ways to manage your stress which don’t involve self medication. Take a look at what the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has to say about your sipping habits. — CLICK HERE

Here’s what MD Anderson, the top ranked cancer center in the country, has to say — CLICK HERE

Need tips on healthier ways to deal with your stress and anxiety? Along with discussing these issue with your oncologist… here are some things suggested by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. — CLICK HERE

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