Closing out the year with a short and sweet update. Really, if there is no “Niki News”, it’s because things are going well enough for me to be busy with “normal people” life. For the quick snapshot, you can check in with my instagram feed on the home page. Other than what you’ll find there, it’s been a lot of running, radio, rentals, research, and replies!

What’s in store for 2023? More of the same… assuming the routine scans show nothing exciting and new. <– see the April 2022 post regarding Survivorship. I hope you are all doing as best as you can with life’s coaster ride. Please feel free to reach out if you need a shoulder or an ear. Sure, I go and tell you to reach out, and then notice that I am completely lacking any contact info here on the site! That’s silly! I promise to get to that ASAP. In the meantime, if you do not see a “contact page” in the nav bar, you can reach out via Instagram (click one of the images on the home page), and I will get back to you. **note to Niki… build contact page**

From the health checks front:

Brain – clean and clear. Skin – clean and clear. Neck to knees – clean and clear.

Seriously… that is just how dull my news is. With that said, it is time to fold laundry, juice some lemons, and get dinner put together. Normal people stuff. Yep. Trust me, I know what an absolute BLESSING that is.

Peace, love, and tacos. Slow down and enjoy!
Niki News December 2022
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