Wow… soooo… 2020 has been a little intense, huh? While it hasn’t been ideal for tracking medical issues and staying in top shape, I must admit to being far more fortunate and unscathed than most. That said, I feel like a batch of the links/tips under the “Healthy Living” section of this site could come in handy for anyone feeling stressed this year… cancer related or not. Take a peek if you’re feeling down, or if you begin wanting to punch people in the neck on an all too regular basis (assuming this is outside your “normal”).


**sassy mode**

What’s going on with me medically? No news is good news! My brain is stable, almost normal! Yes, I said it. Shake your head in disagreement all you want, but I had a neurosurgeon tell me, that my “brain damaged brain” is a “TON better” than some people he knows, who have never had their brain touched. So there. Nanny nanny boo boo. Ok, so my maturity level may be slipping into madness, but that’s not neurological, it’s because the poor air quality has me trapped inside… like a caged squirrel with ADHD and a keg of coffee. On the serious note though… my brain has nothing new. MRI from May shows the same bits and spots that it has shown for years. Results were confirmed via telemed visit with my brain genius doc and his current “minion” in rotation. The routine “drunk tests” were done in Facetime fashion, with the docs getting creative and asking for a tour of the backyard. I was able to carry the laptop around, walk backward, not get lost, recall my name, touch my finger to my nose and back to the computer screen… LOL! I aced that test! Nobody aces those tests better than me. I’m pretty much a genius. **whoops… sassy mode engaged**  Soooo yeah… everything works as it is supposed to. Next peek at the cranial contents happens in November!


I also had a routine CT (neck to knees) in May. All “Niki normal” on that front as well. Scar tissue in the right lung, cyst on the tail of the pancreas, cyst on the right ovary… blah blah boring… no new visible mela-meat creeping in. The right ovary is getting an ultrasound in December, so we’ll see what’s up with that extra tissue. That’ll be a “fun” new experience. Just when you think you’ve lost all vanity for medical procedures, a new curveball flies at your… ummm… let’s just go with “face”. It’s like the medical industry version of 2020. Yeeks. As for the oncology perspective regarding the melanoma, my next CT is due in early 2021. I tried to talk the doc into pushing out 12 months. He compromised at 9.

Did I get wide enough margins?

I saw my rockstar derm in July. It was different to go into a face to face appointment masked up for full on COVID protection. July in Los Angeles was pretty fierce, buuuuut doing a head to toe skin check via telemedicine… ummmm… no. There’s an odd creeper factor to that. LOL! Additionally, the doc really needs to be able to get a clear and direct close look at some spots. A photo, more often than not, comes across as a low-resolution blur. It’s just not the same. Besides, if he wants to remove anything, talking me through an excision with my X-acto knife would be a real challenge! KIDDING. After all of the graphics projects, I’m actually really skilled with a blade. No seriously though… I’m JOKING. Frank could do a much better job with a box cutter. HA HA HA! Ok ok… I’m done now. I swear. We’ll leave any potential cutting, stitching, and freezing to the professionals. Next visit to dermatology pairs up with an MRI and trip to the brain genius!


For now, the big project is to keep the “quarantine 15” from creeping back onto my hips and gut! We all have our “line in the sand” for the reflection in the mirror. I was so far across that line, I couldn’t even see it anymore! Not even when I turned around and pulled out binoculars! It’s been 16 weeks of getting back on track, but I think I might be starting to see abs again! For those of you over 50’s… you know what an absolute soul crushing effort that can be. But hey… I’m really lucky to be ticking more years off the calendar, and still capable of physical effort. For that, and many other minor delights in life, I am #grateful

Dude… wrong “gorilla glue”

Look around and find the happy in your day today. Then do it again tomorrow. 2020 has been a wreck, and things are going to get worse before they get better. Sooooooo… hold tightly the bright spots. Grab them with two hands full of gorilla glue! To be clear… no… not the bud kind… the adhesive! Good gracious, the things one learns when google searching images for a blog.  Although, I suppose if the other type is your jam… that might be a happy place too. Hmmm?

Niki News September 2020
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