So much to say… and yet, I’ve chosen a terrible time to try to do an update. Sooooo… I’m going to give you a real quick snip of what’s been going on, with the PROMISE to come back this week and fill in details!

BRAIN: MRI was due on November 17, but we learned that the brain genius was “unavailable” on that day. Good news… we were able to reschedule the MRI and dermatology to fit in with seeing the genius in Radiation Oncology in early December! Cross your fingers and toes that COVID 19 doesn’t put a serious damper on making the trip to Los Angeles a smooth process. It will be juuuuust about in time for a post Thanksgiving breakout blitz. I don’t have any particular concerns of recurrence, but I also would really prefer not to have to delay brain imaging.

“BRAIN WEEKEND”: Mid November brought on an opportunity to be part of the patient panel for the American Brain Tumor Association Patient & Family Meeting. It was done in partnership with USC’s Brain Tumor Center. Along with meeting a really wonderful couple from Southern Cali (check out my new friend Wendy’s blog HERE. She’s amazingly informative, and it’s really well written!), I learned some of the latest info on brain metastases and got an insiders look at how “brain tumor boards” function. You can watch the replay of the entire webinar HERE. You might just learn something new and interesting too! With the replay, you can skip and zip back and forth to the portions that interest you the most!

The day following the online Patient & Family Meeting, it was time to run a fundraiser 5k “with” friends and family! My team “Cognitive Collection” kicked some bootie, with 3 of the top ten finishes. Nooot that speed was the true purpose of the day… but hey… WHOOSH! ūüėČ The run was well organized, and a lot of fun, thanks to a virtual run app (Charge Running) that felt like the closest thing to an “in person” event I’ve been able to do since COVID crashed the country! If you want the full scoop and details of the run… you can find it HERE on my Instagram feed.

Ok… it’s time to go make some fooooood! More specifically, it’s time to start making TACOOOOS. You can see why I’m in such a hurry now… right? LOL! I swear, I will be back in a day or two. Pinky promise. Until then, think of something you’re grateful for as we head into THANKSgiving week. Think of a few things. Find something EACH DAY, even if it seems like a little “nothing”. You’ll improve your mood by noticing the wee happy spikes that cross your path. And we all know that a mood lift is pretty damned necessary for 2020!

TACO TIME!!! You “get” my hurry through now… don’t you? I knew you would.
Niki News November 2020
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